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SLIDE – Supporting Successful Learning in Digital Learning Environments, is an Erasmus+ project that runs from May 2021 to August 2023.

The school closures across the globe during the spread of COVID-19, brought a new reality which forced educational systems to shift towards digital learning. However, they were prepared for this change, as a part of it was based on traditional forms of teaching during the mass closure of schools closures. Apart from that, not all students had the core competencies to succeed for the digital learning environments, such as self-regulation skills, motivation to learn, and technical knowledge/equipment. Specifically, research has shown that students with learning difficulties will keep struggling with digital learning environments, since their needs will still not be met during the online sessions. Therefore, five partners from the European educational context work together in the inspiring SLIDE project to tackle the systematic disadvantage of students with special educational needs in digital learning, and thus promote the social inclusion and educational success of all students in digital learning environments.


Developing an evidence-based for digital learning of students with special educational needs in learning and behavior.

Promoting students’ self-regulation in digital learning environments, by developing a virtual learning environment (Application, APP) to support self-regulation skills, and motivation to learn.

Preparing teachers to design and develop digital learning environments that address individual needs for digital learning (for example, self-regulation, motivation, and technical knowledge), by providing resources (guidelines) for teachers on how to address all students in virtual learning environments.


Development of guidelines comprising design methodologies to support teachers in the design and arrangement of inclusive digital learning environments, to ensure school success and successful learning of all students.

Application (APP) development: Design and develop a virtual learning environment focusing on the reinforcement of students' self-regulation skills as a key competence for successful digital learning.

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